SharpNode Smart Security Solution

SharpNode Smart Security Solution

SharpNode Smart Security Solution is an Integrated Modern Security Solution which covers every aspect of modern security. The basic kit (Package) of Smart Security Solution includes  Smart Siren, PIR Human Motion Sensor, Door Sensor and Smart Plug.


Basic Kit (Smart Siren | Smart Plug | IP Camera | Motion Sensor | Door Sensor)

The Basic Kit (SharpNode Smart Security Solution) covers every aspect of modern security with real-time monitoring. Centralized control in a single App, All these devices (Add-Ons) i.e. Siren, PIR Motion Sensor and Door Sensor can be controlled through Android/iPhone App. With all of these basic features, SharpNode Smart Security Solution can Integrate up to 32 other Add-ons (Features) in itself.


SharpNode Makes your Homes Feel like James Bond’s Home

Seriously, If you want to feel something like Hollywood movie, SharpNode have that kind of products available at a very affordable price which anyone and everyone can purchase.


Let’s know some Interesting Features of SharpNode Smart Security

  • As you can see that “SharpNode Smart Security Solution” have an IP Camera. What is it? and How does it Work? I let you know a little bit – IP Camera in “SharpNode Smart Security” is a basic but fundamental Component. Smart IP Camera which provides real-time monitoring on Smartphone is P2P(Peer-to-Peer) IP camera which can directly connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi and it does not require tradition DVR or IP configuration. This IP Camera is Integrated with PIR Motion Sensor itself, It means it can sense unwanted human Motion without addition Motion sensors. This IP Camera also has inbuilt light sensor (LDR) Night vision.
  • The Whole system works in local network when the internet connection is lost, but Router should be turned ON.
  • High-Quality Video Surveillance with Secure and Safe Cloud Storage and 7 Days Local Storage.
  • The IP Camera can also be viewed on Desktop PC using dedicated CMS Software.
  • Two ways audio communication (inbuilt microphone & speaker), it means you can talk directly to the person nearby IP Camera can listen to them through Smartphone App.
  • Real-time Alert and Push Notification for unwanted activity.
  • Also, support power socket to control electric appliances like lamp etc.
  • It can Integrate Addition Add-ons (Total 32 Add-ons) in itself.


Let’s Know a little bit about Working Process

SharpNode IP Camera in “SharpNode Smart Security Solution” work as IP Camera, you already know, but it also works as Host (Home Gateway). It connects other Add-ons like PIR Motion Sensor, Door Sensor and Smart Plug. See the picture below:

                           Door Sensor Integration with Alarm System and SharpNode App


When someone opens the door, drawer, Almira or any other things in which SharpNode Door Sensor is Installed. The Alarm system will start beeping locally and you will also get alert on Smartphone on real-time. Look at the pic below,


Now Let’s See, how does Smart Plug Work


Control Any Appliances Remotely through Smart Phone.


Other Add-ons works on the same Scenario as described above.

Addition Information can be found on product Brochure (Download Brochure).

Feel free to contact us for product related Inquiry or any other query.



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