SharpNode Automation (Hex-Dot)


  • The Best Home Automation in India.
  • Provide connectivity to your appliances from anywhere in this world.
  • Control up to 6 appliances at a time.
  • Control 1 external appliance like mobile charger, mosquitto repellent etc.
  • Schedule appliances as per your wish.
  • Receive notifications for occurring events.
  • In built temperature sensor to know the actual room temperature.
  • Support to Integrate third party App using 2.0 Authentication.

SharpNode Home Automation

SharpNode Home Automation is a smart device which provide control over every day electronic appliances through smart phone, smart watch, laptop or any web enabled device. By using SharpNode device, you can control your home or office appliances through the Internet from anywhere in the world. SharpNode is not only controlling device but also provides security to your home and workplaces, schedules task, set timers and IFTTT configuration.

Working of SharpNode Home Automation


Easy Installation in existing Switch Board


Device Set-up & Getting things Ready


Web Based Access & Control


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