SharpNode Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

"Limitless Possibilities"

SharpNode Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a company based on the ground of Internet of things. We are working on products involving microprocessors, micro controllers, sensors, integrated circuits, wireless devices like wlan, Bluetooth, etc, which are fundamental components for connecting things around you to a cloud based internet - In simple, Make Things Magical. We aim at building our business by delivering effective solutions based on innovative technologies and solutions. Our work and our projects arrow at the changes involving the way people behave and perceive with their everyday objects. Discover the smart things in your everyday life. It’s time to become smarter. The SharpNode Technologies is continuously revolutionizing the future of Home Automation In India by positively impacting on multiple areas of lives so that it can be accessible to everyone.

We Make Things Magical


We believe in making things simple because simple is always the best. We make it simple but at the same time effective and efficient. How do we do it? By setting new standards, making ideas happen and delivering beyond expectations.


We develop the products involving microprocessors, micro controllers, sensors, integrated circuits, wireless devices like wlan, Bluetooth etc. which are fundamental components for connecting things around us to the Internet. In simple, "We Make Things Magical".

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Internet of Things (IoT)


Countless things - objects, devices, appliances - embedded with sensors, can connect & communicate their internal & external states via the internet.


This new layer of connectivity creates unexpected blends of services, technologies & applications. And great opportunities for creativity, innovation & business.


Sensed inputs are routed through a variety of networks & domains, connecting to people, services and other "things" - all without human input.


“Things” can share information, be monitored & controlled, creating "smart", responsive networks. Like an vast autonomous "nervous system".

Home Automation in India

We made a research survey and found out that the very reason behind the hindrance to the usage of smart home devices are their complex nature to use and handle and of course high costs of installation and processing. We have studied all statistics, problems, feedbacks and found the conclusions:

  • It is considered way too complicated.
  • There is limited clarity about what does it really mean.
  • The devices are not sold in consumer electronics stores. Instead they are installed by integrators.
  • People either consider it expensive. Those who can afford, have servants managing the home.
  • A lot of plug and play easily installable solutions are not available in India.
  • Structure of home is primitive.

After considering all these case, we have brougth a very economical and smart device. Device is easy-to-use features, everyone has the chance to enjoy the smart life brought by 'SharpNode Home Automation' to revolutionize the future of home automation, not only by positively impacting upon multiple areas of users home lives, but by also making it accessible to the everyone a system designed for the rest of us.

We all are smart enough to know that today’s market is overflowing with startups and beginner’s companies. Few global players have been listed. Explore all of them, and realize soon that none of them provide the solution with such an affordable price with no compromise in quality and reliability. Following 'Make in India' we have ‘VALUE FOR MONEY’ products. Sooner, our next range of products will evolve from nowhere but the scratch, which we will MAKE IN INDIA.
Global Players: Alarm.com, Canary, August, alertme, nest, bot, leeo, lifx, vivint, savant, tado and greenwave.

    "If you have a strong passion, great determination, positive attitude, prodigal skills to work, we provide the right workspace for you."